PBP: Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

The letter for this week in the Pagan Blog Project is H.

What is the highest purpose in your life? I say that it is happiness. This sounds like a simple statement, but it isn’t. Not at all. Happiness is about so much more than simply a good feeling and wearing a smile.

I frequently tell my daughter to make choices based on what will make her feel happier. Would she be happier if she argued, cried, and refused to clean her room, and still had to clean it… or would she be happier if she just cleaned it up real quick and went on with her day?

Sure, you might say, that’s great for a kid. But what about the rest of us? We’re adults, we can’t live our life based on happiness. We have more important things to worry about! Like money. Or security. Stability. Paying the bills.

But my argument there is that same exact principle applies. Will you be happier if you go to work today and knuckle down and still have a house tomorrow? Or would you be happier skipping it today and being homeless tomorrow? What does each of these things offer us, ultimately? Money… which can lead to security… paying the bills… being comfortable.

Why would we rather feel secure? Why would we rather pay the bills? Because ultimately, these things lead to greater happiness than the alternative that we didn’t choose. The problem is that we live so much of our lives just going through the motions. Unconscious, unaware, uninterested.

I challenge you to make a new choice. Base your life instead upon actively thinking through your choices. Instead of thinking, “which will make me more money,” ask instead “which will make me happier in both the long and short term?” Because the reason you want money or security or health is so that you will be happy.

Choose happiness. Be happy. Experience happiness. It isn’t a destination, it’s not a place you can only arrive at after some undisclosed event or experience or point in time. Choose to be happy. More than that, make choices with the aware acceptance that you are making it to be happier.

Also understand this… you can not be truly happy when you know in your heart that you did wrong. Harming another to create happiness in yourself will backfire, because you will sabotage yourself. Subconsciously, we punish ourselves for our own wrongdoing–and we’re far more effective at it than anyone else is.

So choose happiness and remember that we are all together on this planet. We must live in harmony with each other as much as we can.

Happy day to you and yours.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mistress of the Hearth
    Apr 13, 2013 @ 12:44:32

    I wrote something a few years ago that summed up my wisdom at that time in my life. The gist of it was that whenever we have a choice, we should choose joy. I spent my childhood feeling guilty, thinking that in a world of suffering, how could I experience happiness. But I had an epiphany when I realize that I’m part of the world, and when I suffer I’m adding to the sum total of world suffering. When I’m experiencing joy, I’m adding to the sum total of world joy. In that light, we have a duty to choose happiness, unless we actually prefer to create the opposite.


  2. Shannon Phoenix
    Apr 14, 2013 @ 01:42:01

    I think you have a wonderful point there. That our own happiness and joy goes well beyond “just me”. Thank you for that reminder. It’s easy to focus on suffering and on seeing/noticing it. It’s hard to choose joy in the midst of it all.

    When we choose joy and happiness, we show others that they can choose it, too. So even in that most basic of ways, we can expand the happiness in the world.


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