Just who the HELL do you think you are??

No, seriously. Take a moment out of what you’re doing, and sit down. Write it out. Who and what are you? What do you identify with? How do you describe yourself to you and to others?
Now, look at your list. Look carefully at it. How is it limiting you?
I was told that I was low functioning autistic. I would be institutionalized for my entire life. I would never hold a job. I would never have my own home… I could have let that stop me. I could have used it to get disability. To have a ‘free ride’ through life. But I wanted more for myself. I made a different choice.
You can, too. So if you think of yourself as ‘just an employee’, that’s going to make you act like JUST an employee. I could be ‘JUST an author’ or ‘JUST a machinist’.
But there is no “JUST” an author. We are entertainers. We bring joy, inspiration, and even change to people’s lives. We’re teachers, we’re social activists, we’re trend setters.
Make today the day that you stop defining yourself as JUST anything. Make today the one that you see the bigger picture of what you are, and what you do… how even if you’re a maid in a hotel, you’re changing lives. You’re giving people luxury and a break from the mundane.
If you’re a nurse, you’re supporting the ill and the dying. You’re a helping hand during the darkest hours of a person’s life.
If you’re a restaurant worker, you’re saving people time. You’re helping them eat when they might otherwise have chosen to go without. You’re empowering them to eat something better than a candy bar, more filling than nothingness.
If you’re a person who builds roads, you’re beautifying your city and you’re protecting people’s cars from damage from potholes. You’re a public servant who serves the greater good by creating roads and allowing people to get to work and to school and to LIVE THEIR LIVES.
Every work is valuable. Make today the day that you change EVERYTHING in how you see yourself and your contribution to this planet. Make today the day that you change everything in how you see “just” a mom. How you see “just” a telephone worker, “just” a construction worker, “just” a maid…
See how you limit yourself by the labels you put on yourself, and discard the ones you don’t accept while you alter the ones that you are okay with having to where they are your “saving the world” label!

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