Just who the HELL do you think you are??

No, seriously. Take a moment out of what you’re doing, and sit down. Write it out. Who and what are you? What do you identify with? How do you describe yourself to you and to others?
Now, look at your list. Look carefully at it. How is it limiting you?
I was told that I was low functioning autistic. I would be institutionalized for my entire life. I would never hold a job. I would never have my own home… I could have let that stop me. I could have used it to get disability. To have a ‘free ride’ through life. But I wanted more for myself. I made a different choice.
You can, too. So if you think of yourself as ‘just an employee’, that’s going to make you act like JUST an employee. I could be ‘JUST an author’ or ‘JUST a machinist’.
But there is no “JUST” an author. We are entertainers. We bring joy, inspiration, and even change to people’s lives. We’re teachers, we’re social activists, we’re trend setters.
Make today the day that you stop defining yourself as JUST anything. Make today the one that you see the bigger picture of what you are, and what you do… how even if you’re a maid in a hotel, you’re changing lives. You’re giving people luxury and a break from the mundane.
If you’re a nurse, you’re supporting the ill and the dying. You’re a helping hand during the darkest hours of a person’s life.
If you’re a restaurant worker, you’re saving people time. You’re helping them eat when they might otherwise have chosen to go without. You’re empowering them to eat something better than a candy bar, more filling than nothingness.
If you’re a person who builds roads, you’re beautifying your city and you’re protecting people’s cars from damage from potholes. You’re a public servant who serves the greater good by creating roads and allowing people to get to work and to school and to LIVE THEIR LIVES.
Every work is valuable. Make today the day that you change EVERYTHING in how you see yourself and your contribution to this planet. Make today the day that you change everything in how you see “just” a mom. How you see “just” a telephone worker, “just” a construction worker, “just” a maid…
See how you limit yourself by the labels you put on yourself, and discard the ones you don’t accept while you alter the ones that you are okay with having to where they are your “saving the world” label!

I Made Healing Salve Today

Today, Kira (my daughter), my house guest, and myself went on a nature walk to wild source some herbs.

With it, I’m making a balm that will soothe various skin issues. (This is not medical advice; mandatory disclaimer)

It is intended to help with, poison ivy/ poison oak, bee stings, any sort of open wound, etc. It can also help with skin conditions like pimples or eczema.

The basis of it is olive oil and beeswax. We got some fresh herbs and I used some dried ones.


(Dried) yarrow

  • staunches bleeding
  • decreases likelihood of scarring
  • stops itching sensations from things such as mosquito bites, etc.
  • decrease and even remove itching from allergic reactions


Plantain (fresh)

  • Helps alleviate burning sensations
  • Helps alleviate itching
  • Drawing qualities–such as it can pull a bee stinger out
  • Draws toxins and poisons out of wounds (such as bee venom)– a note; this is combined with yarrow because the plantain will remove the toxins, but the wound usually still itches. This is where the yarrow kicks in.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-microbial


Chickweed (fresh)

  • Cools wounds and alleviates painful symptoms
  • Softens skin while drying wounds to assist in scab formation (excellent with yarrow, which helps decrease scarring)
  • Assists in healing acne and exzema
  • Like plantain, assists in drawing out foreign bodies (splinters/ bee stingers) and toxins
  • Contains vitamins and minerals that assist in conditioning and softening the skin

Dandelion (fresh, but we found far less than we hoped for)

  • Assists in pain relief
  • Softens and moisturizes skin
  • Contains vitamins and minerals that assist in conditioning the skin


Jewelweed (fresh)

  • Fungicide
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Relieves athlete’s foot, ringworm, and warts
  • Relieves reactions of the skin to nettle, poison ivy, poison oak, insect venoms (although only temporarily in the case of insect bites such as mosquito bites or bee stings, unlike plantain or yarrow)
  • Antihistamine properties to relieve skin allergy reactions
  • Anti-itch
  • Anti-microbial
  • (A couple of notes on Jewelweed… it often grows right beside poison ivy, and it is the most efficient method of treating poison ivy. Furthermore, it can help prevent the poison ivy from ever starting a rash if you were to put it on yourself BEFORE venturing into the woods.)

Cinnamon (dried/ ground- a very small amount, this is NOT turned into a paste, which can feel burning to the skin and even dry it out)

  • Stimulates blood flow to the area
  • Anti-bacterial, even effective against resistant strains
  • Anti-fungal
  • Increase collagen levels
  • Dries the skin (this is offset by the plants above so that it won’t dry it OUT)

Raw honey

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Significantly reduces likelihood of scarring
  • Anti-microbial
  • Soothes burns and help prevent infection in burns

So tonight the oil will soak in all the wonderful properties of these herbs. Tomorrow, I will add beeswax and thicken them into a cream… and from there, into small mason jars.

SO excited!

Current Side Project: HOPE

Whew, okay, so… I’m working on another project right now. I’m writing my novel, of course, but I’m also working on a project writing about how to reprogram your mind for success.
In the last months, I’ve been following a lot of teachers, and I’ve learned a lot about success thinking. But I finally found a method that has completely altered the trajectory of my life within a couple of months… in massive, unprecedented ways.
And I’ve come to understand that the biggest issue is that so many of these teachings do the same thing… they give you part of the answer and then want you to buy the rest. The problem is, the people who MOST NEED this help and life-altering change… can’t afford it!
I’ve finally put it together, and I’m going to make a $.99 audio and $.99 book to help people totally alter their lives. Without $5,000 seminars. Without $1,000 “clearing” by people who are “specially intuitive and are the only one who can clear you”. The people who most need help are typically not able to afford it. This is a long standing problem, and it has to end. It’s not okay. It’s not how things should work.
So I’m writing the book and collaborating with a friend to create a meditation audio to go along with the book.  Either alone should help people transform their lives if followed with as much accuracy as they can do so. It is already changing lives in radical and profound ways.
I believe all people deserve transformation, not only the ones who can afford to attend costly seminars. And I don’t buy the absurd idea that “people won’t value it” if it’s not thousands of dollars. We each get to decide how much we value something. I have things that I value more than I value my car… because they were gifts. They cost me nothing, ever… but they are super precious.
This proves to me beyond all doubt that it’s not about value. We value things as we choose to. We can value gifts above purchased items, IF WE SO CHOOSE. And thus we can value something that COULD be sold for thousands of dollars (and this could easily be!!), if we CHOOSE TO.
I believe people will return and buy the more expensive audios and books we’ll also make, in part to pay us back for the gift of changing their life forever. That’s my true, genuine belief. Some may not, but I truly believe the vast majority will.
Sometimes, you have to step up and take a risk. I’d rather save lives for $.99 and be seen a fool, than not save any lives and be proven one….

Spiritual Chit-chat; Abundance Teachings

I’m very interested in the world of spiritual growth. I’m also finding life very challenging lately in the area of finances. But there’s a big discrepancy there, as there is for a lot of people. I was raised breaking my teeth against sayings like, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” or “[the love of] money is the root of all evil”. (Not always do people acknowledge the first part of that statement, sometimes they like to shorten things up, all neat and tidy like)

I suspect that this is the case for many of us. These sayings have permeated our culture quite deeply, and even if you’re not a Christian, you’ve heard about how the love of money is sooo terribly evil, no doubt. Or how “our culture” keeps us down once we end up down.

But the longer I am around these sorts of spiritual growth areas, the more I learn that the supposed people who are enlightened and who are spiritual and who are here to serve and assist us… are simply adding to the problem, not helping with it in many cases.

I recently came across a woman who assures us all that she has an extra-special superpower… she’s able to remove abundance blocks. She can intuitively find and eliminate them. But unless you have a thousand dollars to slap down, you don’t actually need her help. *blinks owlishly* Erm, okay.

I’ve been using the book The Sedona Method (4 bucks USD on Amazon) lately. Now, I have to say that there are some tips on how to use it better.  Once you’ve learned the basic questions and the basic wants, it’s time to tackle those old beliefs.

The struggle is to find the deep-seated beliefs that hold you back. Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing a rich person and seeing how he or she always puts money above family; how they encourage divorce or how they support other people making horrible financial decisions because they have no realistic idea of “how the other half lives”. Making an unconscious decision that “I will never be like her” or “That’s the problem with having money, it makes you abandon your family” or other thoughts that you didn’t realize you internalized.

Whatever the issues are, finding them can be quite the process.

So, here are some things that I suggest for people who are lost as to what their beliefs about money and rich people really are (much less how to be free of those nonsensical beliefs–for example, just because I know one rich person who thinks that divorce is the best way to raise children, doesn’t mean that all rich people are like that)….

  1. Write down what you really, truly, honestly want in a form that is positive. So, instead of “I don’t want to have debt”, it would be, “Everything is paid up and current, and I easily pay cash on the spot for things I desire.” (Do not use the word ‘want’ because want actually indicates that you lack it… I’ll write the full ‘for want of a horseshoe nail the kingdom was lost’ blog post next time, but for now, just keep the word want out of it)
  2. Now, sit down with a piece of paper and a pen… and say this, “I would have all of my debts paid off, BUT..”
    Everything that comes up after “but” is the answer to your question of “what are some of my blocks?” For example, if I write, “I would be a world-famous author, BUT…” and some things that came up for me were, “I don’t have time.” “I don’t know how to market my books.” “I don’t have the money to buy marketing.”
  3. Do the Sedona method on these beliefs. Because that’s all they are, beliefs. They’re programmed into us once we accept them without proper diagnosis–which is super easy to do and none is to ‘blame’ for this. It’s just something that happens to us very easily.
  4. Keep doing the Sedona Method according to the chapter in the book. Do the advantages and disadvantages work. Do the clearing method on each interaction you have with paying or accepting money.
  5. Do this process we’ve just discussed over and over. Once a day if you can bring yourself to it. Once a month will make huge progress, if nothing else.

Anyway, if you’re going to look for ways to help yourself clear financial blocks, and you aren’t in the place to pay $1,000 USD for someone to clear your blocks to abundance because you uh, have blocks to abundance… then try the Sedona Method and google Tony Robbins Dickens Pattern. You’ll make a lot more progress over listening to hour long infomercials that simply end you up feeling like you wasted part of your life on someone who just wants to “help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” according to the legends we’ve heard all of our lives.

Hopefully this will help some folks. Old beliefs don’t have to die hard. Nor does it take a thousand dollars or you’ll be stuck forever.

It’s not a magic pill that will work tomorrow. Nothing really is, not even for a thousand dollars. But it’s not hopeless, either. It’ll take discipline and work; but it’s mental work and it’s not hard work. It’s just a question of sticking with it and hanging in there. Doing the Dickens pattern over and over on yourself. Running the Sedona Method on yourself over and over on each thing that comes up. Don’t worry, it’s a “your poverty back if you’re not satisfied” method so you haven’t really lost anything. 😉 Certainly not a thousand dollars…

Pulling Out of Procrastination Station

So this is what happens when life goes to hell in a handbasket and things run amok… you must at some point stop procrastinating and get off your arse and in the words of that there one comedian whose name I don’t remember… “Git ‘er done!”

Last month was Nano-wrimo. And between blog posts and my fanfictions and everything else, I did manage my 50,000 words. In fact, please feel free to pat me on the back, because I managed to go over by 1 whole word! Oh yeah. I am THAT awesome.

I also, strangely, managed to get my house back somewhere near the condition that I prefer to live in. The sad truth is that I really like a clean home, and I allowed my resentment towards my ex to get in the way of what makes me truly happy. A tidy, well-organized home is a blessing. Organization and creating systems that facilitate that is my gift–and I’m good at it. I was very unhappy, and my ‘home’ showed it.

Now it’s time to get my writing organized. I’m consolidating the Supernaturals XMind files, straightening them out, redoing them as necessary… all that jazz. I’m doing my first re-write of A Gargoyle’s Might and updating all of the lore that came with it. It’s quite a book, I must say… and it brought in loads of new lore. You’re going to love it if you like Fantasy elements with your Paranormal.

So anyway, I feel so much more like myself as I pull out of Procrastination Station, headed for “Git ‘er done”ville. I have left the guilt behind and I no longer feel obligated to put first someone for whom I wasn’t even on the priority list. I’m steering my own life again, and I’ve chosen the track I want to be on.

Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! All aboard!

Pagan Blog Project

Since my current writing project (which will extend most likely for years) is related to Celtic Mythology, I am joining the Pagan Blog Project. http://paganblogproject.com/

It has been instrumental in helping me get a view of “real life” practices in religions that don’t include only what I was raised on. I hope that, if you have any interest in ancient Celtic God/desses, you will check it out. It isn’t exclusive to Celtic beliefs, but it does touch on a lot of practical application and lend a greater understanding to ancient religions.

An interesting and wide-ranging resource for anyone interested in learning more about practical life paths that don’t include one of The Big Three religions (or five, for that matter :p).

Unorthodox Kindle Cover

So, I use a regular Kindle. I like to carry it around in my purse, but I don’t like the $40 price tag on the official Kindle cover.

If you know how I feel, and you’re looking for a good cover for yours, too… I have found a solution!


I was at a May Faire with my 5 year old and found Abby’s sandwich wraps. Being ‘natural living’ minded to begin with, I snatched one up for that. But then, since I’ve been yearning lately for protection for my Kindle, I thought, “What the heck, I’ll give it a try…” and viola!!

It’s a perfect fit to protect my Kindle.

But there was even better news coming up for me. Her snack bag was perfect for the Garmin that I like to carry around so it doesn’t get stolen out of the car, as well! Two-fer!

So, if you’re ‘natural living’ minded and don’t like throwing out reams of plastic baggies, or if you need a Kindle cover, or if your Garmin is getting scratched up… consider checking her pretty little designs out. I bet, if you have a Fire, she’d even be willing to make the sandwich cover a bit bigger for you if you asked.

Anyway, check out her stuff, it’s great! 🙂


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