PBP: Hegemony

When I thought about writing for the Pagan Blog Project this week, I thought of all kinds of words, but they just didn’t seem to fit where I’m at right now. I thought of harmony, hope, happiness (again), harps, and others I probably shouldn’t share.

Then I realized that this week I’ve been dealing with the concept of hegemonies in my writing and my personal life.

Dictionary.com’s second meaning for hegemony is what I wanted to address:

2. leadership; predominance

Lately, I’ve been considering; wondering what has hegemony in my life? Where do my priorities really lie? I’ve been re-reading the Tao this week, as it’s my primary spiritual inspiration. As a sort of eclectic pantheist, I guess, I believe in one Great Intelligence, which pictures itself in the world as a multitude of beings and intelligences, great, small, and in between.

The greatest and most powerful expression of that Great Divine Intelligence is Love.

When I rise in the morning and stare at the sun for a few seconds (when it’s not obscured), it is love that I feel. Reverence for this great ball of fire, the Seat of the Divine… and its unconditional love for all things.

I don’t remember who said it, I believe it was Eckhart Tolle in one of his books, but the sun looks down upon all with equal love. It shines upon the rich, the poor, the tall, the short, the fat, the thin, the young, the old… it shines its undying, unalterable love upon everyone.

The sun is the ultimate Hegemony of this world. For without the sun, all things would cease. No more plants. No more animals. No more you, no more me. Just a cold, barren ball of frozen rock, hurtling through space. It has ultimate predominance over everything.

Yet as the Tao reminds us… it does not interfere. It stands above us all. It is the source of all life… but like Love Itself, it holds no bias. It shines. It loves.

Like the sun, I desire Love to be my Hegemony. That sort of ultimate Hegemony wherein there is only Love shining forth, without compromise, without condition. I choose to let Love have predominance in my life. I choose to let Love lead my actions.

What has Hegemony in your life?

PBP: Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

The letter for this week in the Pagan Blog Project is H.

What is the highest purpose in your life? I say that it is happiness. This sounds like a simple statement, but it isn’t. Not at all. Happiness is about so much more than simply a good feeling and wearing a smile.

I frequently tell my daughter to make choices based on what will make her feel happier. Would she be happier if she argued, cried, and refused to clean her room, and still had to clean it… or would she be happier if she just cleaned it up real quick and went on with her day?

Sure, you might say, that’s great for a kid. But what about the rest of us? We’re adults, we can’t live our life based on happiness. We have more important things to worry about! Like money. Or security. Stability. Paying the bills.

But my argument there is that same exact principle applies. Will you be happier if you go to work today and knuckle down and still have a house tomorrow? Or would you be happier skipping it today and being homeless tomorrow? What does each of these things offer us, ultimately? Money… which can lead to security… paying the bills… being comfortable.

Why would we rather feel secure? Why would we rather pay the bills? Because ultimately, these things lead to greater happiness than the alternative that we didn’t choose. The problem is that we live so much of our lives just going through the motions. Unconscious, unaware, uninterested.

I challenge you to make a new choice. Base your life instead upon actively thinking through your choices. Instead of thinking, “which will make me more money,” ask instead “which will make me happier in both the long and short term?” Because the reason you want money or security or health is so that you will be happy.

Choose happiness. Be happy. Experience happiness. It isn’t a destination, it’s not a place you can only arrive at after some undisclosed event or experience or point in time. Choose to be happy. More than that, make choices with the aware acceptance that you are making it to be happier.

Also understand this… you can not be truly happy when you know in your heart that you did wrong. Harming another to create happiness in yourself will backfire, because you will sabotage yourself. Subconsciously, we punish ourselves for our own wrongdoing–and we’re far more effective at it than anyone else is.

So choose happiness and remember that we are all together on this planet. We must live in harmony with each other as much as we can.

Happy day to you and yours.

Pagan Blog Project: G: GABCE

Friday’s Pagan Blog Project post.

So that’s just a series of letters, right? Well, I at, if you strip away everything beyond the utter basics, a pantheist. So my discussion today is The Great All-encompassing Being who Created Everything.

When I was a young child, I had multiple experiences during which I died. During some of these events, I had experiences that they call “Near Death Experience”. I don’t know why it’s called “near” death experience, since at least two of the times I was clinically dead with no brain activity, but I digress…

During these events, I walked with a being that I generally call “God”. This, however, isn’t really a good word, because it has more baggage than a fleet of fully-packed 747s.

So for this G day, I’m going to call it GABCE.

I walked with GABCE during these events. First, I would meet what you might call a guide, or a guardian, or an angel. This beautiful, loving Being would then take me ‘flying’ in the Universe, where I would, in essence, walk with GABCE.  I learned that this incredible, over-arching presence is in all things, through all things, and it is within this ultimate presence that we live and have our being.

As years have passed, I’ve come to understand that, within that GABCE presence, there are so many more spirits and beings. There are those who are here in service to us, who assist us, and are our “god/desses” in some cases.

I remember the amazing, loving being who would first greet me upon my body’s death, and a specific conversation that we once had. I asked it, point-blank, “What are you?”

The answer was cryptic, and dissatisfying to me as a child. It was, in essence, that it was whatever label I wanted to give it… and many more. Some label it an angel and stop there. But its purpose, it informed me, was to serve human beings. All of them serve human beings as we struggle in this life we’ve chosen (on a spiritual level, not a “The Secret” level).  That being human is a very hard work, a heavy spiritual labor unlike any other. Because of that, we need help, assistance, and support while we do it.

Each of these “beings” are part of the whole, like we are. That to try to say that this or that pantheon is The Right One is like saying that only people who live in given a small town in Russia are human beings. The rest are… well, wrong. Or are something else.  It’s illogical and unrealistic… and the same goes for trying to claim one deity real and others nonexistent.

The GABCE needs no name, because yes, there is only one of It. There is only one sky, so we’ve never named our sky, either… we don’t need to know one sky from another. We don’t need to know one GABCE from another because there’s only one.

But like the sky, we can often come to relate better to GABCE by seeing a part at a time and knowing that part thoroughly. We see one part of the sky at a time, because our vision is too limited and the sky too vast. This is why I have begun to get to know various deities on their own merits. Because they are both individuals, and part of the whole that is All That Is.

Their love is as real as the love of the GABCE. But sometimes, it can be easier to sense directly and relate to personally, as seeing part of the sky is more possible from our limited perspective, than seeing all of it is.

Good day to all. 🙂


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