Guardian of the Abyss Makeover!



Guardian of the Abyss has a new cover.

Sometimes it’s a difficult choice to let go of something that you genuinely like. Although it was not a popular cover, the old Guardian of the Abyss cover is actually one of my personal favorites.

That being said, the new cover is just fantastically lovely, and I certainly hope that, with a new cover, more people will be ready and willing to discover the beauty of Sarah and Abaddon’s love.

As a newbie Indie author, I am bound to make mistakes. This one was one of mine. I am grateful to all who mentioned the issue, so that I could correct it.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to go cradle the old cover and comfort it. It needs it. Not me. Seriously. Would I kid about a thing like that??


Free Book and Short Story!

Okay, so on  Sunday, June 3, 2012, A Wolf’s Song will be FREE on Amazon!

If you haven’t already read A Wolf’s Song, get it FREE on Sunday, June 3!

The following offer is available to anyone who has gotten A Wolf’s Song from Amazon:

Write up a review on my Amazon page for A Wolf’s Song. Either post here, or on my Facebook that you read it, you posted your review, and what your Amazon Username is. Then email me at shannon(at)shannonphoenix(dot)com with your email address. I will send you my short story entitled The Minister’s Paige for free.

This mini e-book will ONLY be available to those who have written a review on Amazon, Goodreads, (and any other site as determined by the author) and who have informed me via this blog, email, or Facebook of what your Username is and where you posted the review (and if you give me an email address to send it to).

The Minister’s Paige:

Paige is invited to a party by her vampire boss. There, she finds herself an unwitting pawn in a high stakes game between her boss, his rival, and one of the most powerful vampires alive. The Minister of Justice, Stavos, has come to investigate rumors of Hunts in the area; a ‘game’ in which two human women are pitted against each other in a life or death fight. The victor must kill her opponent, only to be hunted by the vampires in her own turn.

A short, dark romance suitable for adults.

Unorthodox Kindle Cover

So, I use a regular Kindle. I like to carry it around in my purse, but I don’t like the $40 price tag on the official Kindle cover.

If you know how I feel, and you’re looking for a good cover for yours, too… I have found a solution!

I was at a May Faire with my 5 year old and found Abby’s sandwich wraps. Being ‘natural living’ minded to begin with, I snatched one up for that. But then, since I’ve been yearning lately for protection for my Kindle, I thought, “What the heck, I’ll give it a try…” and viola!!

It’s a perfect fit to protect my Kindle.

But there was even better news coming up for me. Her snack bag was perfect for the Garmin that I like to carry around so it doesn’t get stolen out of the car, as well! Two-fer!

So, if you’re ‘natural living’ minded and don’t like throwing out reams of plastic baggies, or if you need a Kindle cover, or if your Garmin is getting scratched up… consider checking her pretty little designs out. I bet, if you have a Fire, she’d even be willing to make the sandwich cover a bit bigger for you if you asked.

Anyway, check out her stuff, it’s great! 🙂


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